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Loves to joke. Loves to dream. Easily angered..(x tahan lame sgt pon la). Poor resistance against illnesses (aiyark..often got diarrhea n flu)... Learns to relax...Hasty and trusty.. ('',)Loves to make friends... (bkawan biar beribu beb...)

September 7, 2010


alhamdulillah.. finally..am back after 12hours journey..
no seasick..lega :)
never thought we would enjoyed it..
i mean part where we were transferred from western spirit to crest atlas.
using cute little fast rescue boat or FRB..
we're ready as early as 0530hrs for toolbox meeting.. (xtdo pon sbnanye..hahahha)
then, ble da cerah sket..here we go..!
pagi neh laut x tenang..mcm roller coaster pon ade ble da cecah msuk laut..
ble da dlm FRB, trase dkt sgt dgn laut.. and ble da grak br la nampak..
besa jugak western spirit neh...trase sedeh pulak..all crews were very nice..thanks a lot..:)
ble smpai crest atlas..tgk xde pon ladder. yg ade just tayar gedabak..hohoho
mmg kne panjat tayar neh la nmpaknye..and  we've made it!
kami adalah pemanjat berjaya..(^_^)/ dan juga penumpang tegar sehingga ke bintulu port..
esok balik !! yeay.. and cuti raye jugak dah cair...:))

September 6, 2010


today is the day..we will be heading back to land soon..
err..3 hours from now... pelik tul lah..
i've been waiting for this moment for the last couple of weeks.
and here it is..tp asal x happy pon? in fact, i'm a little bit nervous..
neh sume sbb nak naek vessel kecik kjap lagi la neh..
ye..da tau da..ktrg naek yg plg kecik tu...
dah 2 minggu aku tropong dr sni petang2..
tolong la.. jgn seasick..psychologically, dulu aku naek ferry pg lgkawi ok je...
so..i guess there should not be any problem la kut..bole pkai ke equation neh..?
pelik.da 2 hr aku xslesa.. nervous smcm jeh..
hopefully we will have a safe journey. insyaallah..:)

September 4, 2010


the whole day aku jd "penunggu katil".
yes. today i'm sick..not seasick! but i'm sick..pape jela
i just hate vomiting.. ;(
since i only had 7-up for sahur that made it even worse.
thanks liza..for everything..
alhamdulillah..am much better at night..

tp tgk gaya mcm weather nk peak up blk je neh..
tlg la.. aku xnak jd penunggu setia katil lg..

sahur ape? air masak! lg slamat.

September 3, 2010


Thank God it's Friday..yeah.Tomorrow is Saturday.
Here comes another weekend.so what's up for weekend pakcik dan makcik out there?

Here at western spirit , they do have weekend! Who say you have no weekend at offshore.
There's a white board hanging on the wall near to the junction on the way to galley.. (details neh. hehe)
normally it's clean or sometimes it's full with printed papers full of name lists on it 
or sometimes you can even see smiley face on it. anak sapelah rajen nau mlukis.
However, on Friday nyte.( ke nak kne ckp mlm sabtu?) All crews are fully aware..
even the newbie pon will straight away aware kut..haha
"poker nite. 12:30".......it's poker nite everyone...=_="

but for us, we prefer to lyn dvd..jln2 kat helideck ke..sometimes, we do our "new activity".. hahaha
sape ckp xde life? okay ape... duk diam2 kat cabin..buat report.surf internet.chatting. duet x kuar.
okay  fine..tipu.. nak balik weyh! aku nk g lepak mkn char kuey teow kat mali's..
nk g jln2 kat carrefour. carrefour? pape lah..nak g makan tako tao yg sdap kat jusco tu.
pastu.. aku nk g jalan2..maen lyg-lyg ke..sume aku nk buat..

so, berbalik kpd crita white board..ble hr sabtu mlm..it can be clean as usual or there will be
"fire drill. 12:45 " written on it...derh..the fact that the fire drill is announced earlier, bgus la..
xdela aku tkejut bdak bgn dr tdo mcm kat rig ble ade fire drill. dgn nk carry EBA yg kemain lg ringan.
yeah..the atmosphere here is way too different than drilling rig..mmg la, da keje pon laen ye dak.

so,sahur ape hr ne? half tin of 7-up will do..

September 1, 2010

south china sea

long way to go


us.. we'll be back in 5 days tyme! yeah raya:)