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Loves to joke. Loves to dream. Easily angered..(x tahan lame sgt pon la). Poor resistance against illnesses (aiyark..often got diarrhea n flu)... Learns to relax...Hasty and trusty.. ('',)Loves to make friends... (bkawan biar beribu beb...)

May 30, 2010


at first glance, an empty glass bottle
doesn't look that harmful at all
but when it breaks,its small pieces can cause a deep cut..

accidentally cut my finger pretty deep just now..
and it continues bleeding..

argh saket! da kebas...
tp mseh smpat update dlm blog..
naseb jari kat tgn kiri..

May 29, 2010


put urself in my shoes
walk a while walk that mile for me
only then i'll put myself in your shoes


i really need a bleach!

for everything

May 27, 2010


basuh baju.kemas rumah.mop lantai.
having a great time lyn novel yg da lame terbiar.
cuti mmmg terbaek!


sorry..dun wanna b that meant..
but i have to say this..
"u r such an idiot"

just a simple rule of thumb to share
"don't force things..it makes them break."

anyway.. 1 more to go!

May 26, 2010


2 more to go! yeah!!!

May 24, 2010

May 10, 2010

too bad

i feel terribly bad...
bad bad bad..
what have i done..
terasa aku sgt jahat..
maaf hujung rambut hujung kaki.