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June 14, 2009

: may I ?

lately my emotion mmg out of cntrol tul..
n i hate it..
sume jd x kene..
asek rase nk angen je..
knape la fragile sgt nih...
ngokngek tul..

so..skrg aku rse cm nak:

pecah masuk mne2 shopping complex.. n amek ape aku nak..
(mcm dlm cte ape tu x engat*.. da lame tingin nk wut)
then, nak g maen sliding cm kat stong ritu..tp xnak daki da..nk gune pintu doraemon je.
nak g bring kat atas rumput tgk bintang...
( ape je aku ni.. lantak r.. aku yg nk wut..ape org nk ckp pon..like i care~)
nk g kat candy house (cm dlm cte the cave and the golden rose) n makan choc2 tuh!
kalo dpt jmpe tarabas pon ok jugak! i love combo.
g maen trampoline....jump baby jump... fly baby fly..??
nk g botak kan rmbut sape2...bia dia bgn pagi menjerit..

June 2, 2009

: blog

erm..actually, I'm not so into it for a new post pon...
reason: aku lg suke layan blog org laen..hehe
pape pon, here goes the next post..

lately, kerajenan aku mlayan blog2 org xla mencanak sgt...x smpai petala ke-5 pun..
however,it's a slightly different night since dr td i keep myself bz browsing at others blogs..
(juz a few bloggers la that have caught my attention)...
byk gak blaja new things.. baek ade..x baek pon ade:P hahhaha..

well, kbetulan mse intrview dat day pon i got this sort of topic...
..IT,blogger phenomenon n etc... ape lg..bmula la episod "goreng menggoreng"..hahaha
as for me, the intrview was tough..nak jd cte mse aku la nk tuka interviewer..
dpt lak kat mr. chang..technical-based people.. kne kaw2 lah...
naek blur pon ye gak..
yeyean je night b4 tuh aku tnye those yg da lepas,
sume ckp xde tnye sal geology pon..lepak2 je..
well, xpela...rezki masing2...who knows..
( hopefully ade la rezki..amin..)

juz now i found an entry from a blogger who's actually an operation engineer,
ble bce2...susah rupenye workinglife in oil&gas field nih...
when he said dat he's required for the post of QA/QC which he actually had no clue at all pon apekemendenye tuh..
..(means, kne transfer la kan)..so, die tringat mse interview he did say
"i'm willing to learn...."- so, xle nk ckp byk la...

suddenly aku pon tringat...cm familiar je kan..
i did say d same thng too...
"i'm willing to learn any new techniques in related fields...bla..bla"
..haila kalo kate la d same scenario happen to me... kne la trime seadanya..
da la mse die tanye kalo letak aku kat mne2 area kat miri ke sabah ke aku ckp no hal..
le lak aku goreng " i'll take it as a challenge...blablabla" ble die tnye kalo cmpak aku kat rural area in sudan..perghh... wutnye kne btul..ha amek ko nak goreng sgt...huhuhu

tp bile dipk2 kan blk..
we don't actually know what we can or can't do until we're ought to do so..
plus...we don't know what we don't know until we take the next step..

May 1, 2009

life:: version I

how would it feel eh when it has come to an end of something???
let's juz say ur degree...
some might say...

" wo..bestnye..da nk abes siut..xyah nak serabut kepala pk exam bagai"

"jelez siut ngn ko..da nk abes..pas grad, keje..blanja aku"
(i used to say it too.:P)

however, the reality isn't as dat simple and a lot of things need to be considered:
->find n get a job--musti2...wajib~
-->internship?? research assistant?---(still in consideration)
--> master??-- ( as suggested by my beloved supervisor:Prof basir)
[tp cm da x sanggup..huhuhu]

well, here comes d real world honey..
life isn't as easy as we thought it wud b...
and that's why some people might say :

"life is like a roller coaster"
( a rollercoaster is way too complex kut nk pasang...kmpleks2..)

ade tu ckp.... "life is like a river"..
(hurm..if it's a braided or meander- type i would agree la kut)

and some people even describe
"life is like a roll of toilet paper
(hoho...cpt sgt abes..)

different people might have different perspective of life
anyhow, life must go on and it should be lived to d fullest...

let's juz put all these thoughts aside...

lately, i have had a strange feeling..
something great is coming( which is nk lepas azab degree),
and for some reason i should've been happy la kan..
however, i am not happy..kinda weird kut kan..
it's such an indescribeable feeling...
i wonder ...does others feel the same way gak eh?
is this an early symptoms of something or wut..hahha...(da mule mgarut:P)
...i guess it does make sense when people say...
" laila, u like to think too much"

April 29, 2009


*the story begins

i used to have a blog once...
but i've neglected my dearie blog for almost 2 years
( if i am not mistaken)...huhuhuhu
special thanks to miss " improvisasi sang pendefinisi" a.k.a siti zaleha.
and also not to
be forgotten to mr khairie hisyam
(thousands of apologizes if i've misspelled ur name.. x engat:P)
for giving me such a brilliant idea.. i still remembered their words..

" eyh, ape kate ko try wut blog...aku rse seswai la utk org yg jiwa kaco..." -[leha]

" oh, btw taknak berhijrah ke blogspot or wordpress? bleh export blog friendster ke blogspot or wordpress gak, so tak ilang la post2 lama2 tu...consider it when u have time" -[k.hisyam]

hahaha... am i dat so-called "jiwa kaco" leha?? .. well khairie here it is..:)
still, it's a good idea anyway...
well, yeah...i've given it a thought of having 'another' blog for quite a long time ago...
[ohhooo..another one? satu pon xtgk sampai 2 thn]
the problem is, i am afraid that it would end up just as before...hahhaha..:P

however, juz now i found several quotes when
n there's one dat i would like to share.. :)

Pick yourself up,
Dust yourself off,
Start all over again.

(Dorothy Fields 1905-74: 'Pick Yourself Up' (1936 song)

[ i guess it is not too late for me to start it all over again..hehe]

so..here we go the
beginning of the unnamedtalk...