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May 1, 2009

life:: version I

how would it feel eh when it has come to an end of something???
let's juz say ur degree...
some might say...

" wo..bestnye..da nk abes siut..xyah nak serabut kepala pk exam bagai"

"jelez siut ngn ko..da nk abes..pas grad, keje..blanja aku"
(i used to say it too.:P)

however, the reality isn't as dat simple and a lot of things need to be considered:
->find n get a job--musti2...wajib~
-->internship?? research assistant?---(still in consideration)
--> master??-- ( as suggested by my beloved supervisor:Prof basir)
[tp cm da x sanggup..huhuhu]

well, here comes d real world honey..
life isn't as easy as we thought it wud b...
and that's why some people might say :

"life is like a roller coaster"
( a rollercoaster is way too complex kut nk pasang...kmpleks2..)

ade tu ckp.... "life is like a river"..
(hurm..if it's a braided or meander- type i would agree la kut)

and some people even describe
"life is like a roll of toilet paper
(hoho...cpt sgt abes..)

different people might have different perspective of life
anyhow, life must go on and it should be lived to d fullest...

let's juz put all these thoughts aside...

lately, i have had a strange feeling..
something great is coming( which is nk lepas azab degree),
and for some reason i should've been happy la kan..
however, i am not happy..kinda weird kut kan..
it's such an indescribeable feeling...
i wonder ...does others feel the same way gak eh?
is this an early symptoms of something or wut..hahha...(da mule mgarut:P)
...i guess it does make sense when people say...
" laila, u like to think too much"