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April 29, 2009


*the story begins

i used to have a blog once...
but i've neglected my dearie blog for almost 2 years
( if i am not mistaken)...huhuhuhu
special thanks to miss " improvisasi sang pendefinisi" a.k.a siti zaleha.
and also not to
be forgotten to mr khairie hisyam
(thousands of apologizes if i've misspelled ur name.. x engat:P)
for giving me such a brilliant idea.. i still remembered their words..

" eyh, ape kate ko try wut blog...aku rse seswai la utk org yg jiwa kaco..." -[leha]

" oh, btw taknak berhijrah ke blogspot or wordpress? bleh export blog friendster ke blogspot or wordpress gak, so tak ilang la post2 lama2 tu...consider it when u have time" -[k.hisyam]

hahaha... am i dat so-called "jiwa kaco" leha?? .. well khairie here it is..:)
still, it's a good idea anyway...
well, yeah...i've given it a thought of having 'another' blog for quite a long time ago...
[ohhooo..another one? satu pon xtgk sampai 2 thn]
the problem is, i am afraid that it would end up just as before...hahhaha..:P

however, juz now i found several quotes when
n there's one dat i would like to share.. :)

Pick yourself up,
Dust yourself off,
Start all over again.

(Dorothy Fields 1905-74: 'Pick Yourself Up' (1936 song)

[ i guess it is not too late for me to start it all over again..hehe]

so..here we go the
beginning of the unnamedtalk...